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Palm, Inc., documentation:
cover thumbnail Updated and formatted a User Guide for a Palm, Inc., mobile phone for a Verizon hardware platform and WinMo 6 operating system, 2008
DAE Interactive Marketing, Inc., documentation:
cover thumbnail Wrote MCI WorldPhone Data Applications: Windows 98 Version, a website module describing international calling card access for major telecommunications client of DAE, 1999
Sun Microsystems SPARCstation 1+ Documentation, Revision A of April 2, 1990:
cover thumbnail SPARCstation 1+ Installation Guide
cover thumbnail Sun System User's Guide
SunMathematica™ documentation, Revision A of April 14, 1989:
cover thumbnail SunMathematica™ User's Guide
cover thumbnail SunMathematica™ Installation Manual
Sun Microsystems Modula-2 documentation, Revision A of October 20, 1986:
cover thumbnail Using Modula-2 on the Sun Workstation
cover thumbnail Sun Modula-2 Installation Guide
Sun Microsystems Beginner's Guides, Revision A of February 17, 1986:
cover thumbnail Getting Started With Unix: Beginner's Guide
cover thumbnail Windows and Window-Based Tools: Beginner's Guide
cover thumbnail Mail and Messages: Beginner's Guide
cover thumbnail Using the Network: Beginner's Guide
MIT Project Athena documentation:
N/A "Manual Page Composition", MIT Project Athena, September 7, 1984 (search for "Will Doherty", available only in grody mss format)
N/A "Essential Athena", MIT Project Athena, co-authored with Linda Merims, 1984

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