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Work Experience

30 years of business experience: 7 years of technical writing, 12 years of localization (preparing documents and software products for use in other language markets), 5 years of EFL/ESL teaching/tutoring, 4 years of media relations, and 12 years of nonprofit experience.

2007-2010 Palm, Inc., San Francisco, California
Technical Writer Contractor
Updated and formatted a User Guide for a Palm, Inc., mobile phone for Verizon hardware platform and WinMo 6 operating system. Project tools included FrameMaker 8 and SVN. Contract under management of Oak Hill Corporation.

Localization Project Manager
Coordinated the localization into six languages of various web and on-device documents and packaging for Palm, Inc., mobile phones on new hardware platforms and operating systems. Developed Localization Project Request form and database using Quickbase. Contract under management of Oak Hill Corporation.

2006-present Private Tutor, San Francisco, California
Five years of private tutoring experience to native speakers of French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish, as well as recent volunteer tutoring for school-age children at 826 Valencia, a non-profit dedicated to supporting students ages 6-18 with their writing skills.
2011 Transworld Schools, San Francisco, California ESL Teacher
Taught multilingual classes at beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. Responsible for lesson planning and material selection. Used core textbooks Focus on Grammar (Longman), Interchange 3rd Ed. (Cambridge), and Grammar Dimensions (Heinle & Heinle)
2010 Piccolo Engineering, Inc., San Francisco, California
Technical Writer Contractor
Writing and editing programmer documentation for code testing software extensions to Perforce branches.
2006 - present Trance Legends, San Francisco, California
Researching and creating a historical novel about ancient Africa by traveling to story locations, interviewing sources, and locating and reading relevant materials about the origin of Homo sapiens, the Nubian 25th dynasty of the Egyptian empire, the Sahelian empires of Wagadu (Ghana), Mali, and Songhay, Yorubaland and the Benin Kingdom, and Great Zimbabwe and the Kongo Empire.
2000 - present Online Policy Group (OPG), San Francisco, California
Founder and Director of Research and Advocacy, formerly Executive Director
Demonstrated a strong commitment to protecting and expanding rights of access, privacy, and safety on the Internet by creating, managing, and growing through partnerships this all-volunteer nonprofit Internet Service Provider and research and advocacy group served by and for more than 100,000 online community members, particularly those who face unfair bias, discrimination, or defamation online, as well as those underserved for other reasons.
2004 - 2005 VerifiedVoting.org & Verified Voting Foundation, San Francisco, California
Executive Director
All aspects of management and leadership of nonprofit organization championing reliable and publicly verifiable elections. Originated and managed mostly volunteer teams developing the Election Incident Reporting System (EIRS), used to monitor and respond to election problems during the 2004 U.S. election cycle, and one of the first entirely public domain election information databases called The Verifier.
2001 - 2004 Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), San Francisco, California
Media Relations Director
Hired and worked initially as Online Activist, then evolved into media relations, including preparation and distribution of media releases (increased from several to 33 per quarter), development of relationships with media professionals and mediabase (added over 4000 contacts and grew presslist to over 700 receiving releases regularly), pitching, tracking, and archiving of TV, radio, print, and Internet media coverage (grew from around 350 items to more than 1700 items per quarter), op ed placements, and media trainings for staff.
1999 - 2000 Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Inc. (GLAAD), San Francisco, California
Director of Online Community Development
Handled online policy issues such as online access (filtering), online privacy, and digital defamation, as well as partnerships with other Internet-based organizations. Managed Northwest Regional Media Resource Center.
1999 DAE Interactive Marketing, Inc., San Francisco, California
Globalization Consultant
Wrote MCI WorldPhone Data Applications: Windows 98 Version, a website module describing international calling card access for major telecommunications client.
1998 International Microcomputer Software, Inc. (IMSI), San Rafael, California
Globalization Consultant
Formatted multilingual and monolingual software documentation in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.
1997 Bowne Global Solutions, Inc. (sold to Lionbridge), San Francisco, California
General Manager
Established and managed San Francisco Bay Area office for Bowne Global Solutions, which was formed by Bowne´s acquisition and consolidation of five global software and multimedia localization companies. Responsible for general management, including P&L, finance, sales, marketing, partnering, operations, vendor management, testing, consulting, and translation functions.
1996 Benemann Translation Center (now Enlaso), San Francisco, California, and Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA), Switzerland.
Globalization Consultant
1995-1996 ADB, Inc. (now MATISSE Software, Inc.), Redwood Shores, California
VP of Business Development
Performed extensive market research and competitive analysis for Magic Query data query and reporting tool. Supervised French-English localization of Magic Query.

VP and General Manager
Established and managed US operations for French company introducing the MATISSE high-performance, multimedia database system to the US. Responsible for general management, including P&L, planning, finance, sales, marketing, partnering, and R&D activities. Hired 11 staff and supervised move of R&D from France to US. Exceeded revenue / expense goals.

1993-1995 Sybase, Inc., Emeryville, California
Globalization Operations Mgr. [was Localized Products Group Mgr.]
Evangelist for localization within Sybase. Established and managed an effective worldwide process for timely, cost-effective delivery of hundreds of high-quality localized products. Included software, on-line and hardcopy documentation, training materials, multimedia, and some marketing materials localizations into Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. Localized software shipped simultaneously with English product. Translated 4.6M words for $1.2M and grew staff from 1 to 6 in 1993; translated 10.8M words for $3.8M and grew staff from 6 to 20 in 1994. Provided matrix management and funding for 7 staff in Europe and Asia. Achieved bottom third of loaded costs/word measured by LISA in one year. Other projects included development of localization tools, quality assurance methods, a partner program, and adding internationalization to the group´s scope.
1985-1993 Sun Microsystems, Inc. (now Oracle), Mountain View and Menlo Park, California
Localization Program Manager
Original member of Sun's Localized Products Group. Established relationships with European translation companies. Liaison to Nihon Sun for Japanese document localization effort. Supervised technical writers on Korean and Chinese (traditional and simplified) localization efforts.

Technical Writer
Wrote/updated some of the Sun Beginner's Guides, then redesigned some of the Sun Beginner's Guides for shrinkwrapped SPARCstation 1+ release. Wrote/updated LISP, Modula-2, and Mathematica programming manuals. Responsible for FrameMaker conversion and templates.

1985-1986 Stanford University, Stanford, California
Designed, proposed, obtained curriculum approval, and taught classes entitled "Politics of Gender and Sexuality" and "Communities and Utopia" (co-teacher Jim Hankle on the latter).
1983-1985 MIT Project Athena, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Technical Writer
1981-1983 Bolt, Beranek, & Newman, Inc. (now BBN Technologies, a Verizon company), Cambridge, Massachusetts
Computer Operator


2011 Transworld Schools, San Francisco, California
Comprehensive CTESOL (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
1994-1997 Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California
Executive Master's of Business Administration (MBA)
1980-1985 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science & Writing

1985-1995 Continuing education through programs in management and other topics at Sybase Inc., Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), and Stanford University.

Technical Capabilities

Category Native/Expert Fluent Basic Rusty Ancient
Hardware: PC, Palm PDA, Sidekick PDA Mac, Unix servers - Sun workstations DEC Vax
OS & Associated GUI Software: Windows 7, Windows XP PalmOS, MacOS, Linux, BSD Unix - DOS VMS
Software: OpenOffice, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Paint, Eudora, WinZip, Mozilla Firefox, QuickBooks, Palm Desktop, Trillian and other chat clients Quickbase, @Task, MS Project, Access, Outlook, Internet Explorer, CoffeeCup, FrameMaker (inc. Japanese), ACT!, SecureCRT, SSH Secure Shell, iTunes, Legacy, Skype Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat Distiller/Exchange, CutePDF, Gallery, Lotus Notes, Perforce, SPSS, Sybase SQL Server, SCCS, Tortoise SVN Lotus 1-2-3, Adobe Illustrator, Pocket Controller Pro, Cisco VPN Client, ManagePro, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Sony Digital Voice Editor troff
Programming Languages: - HTML Perl, Python, SQL Java, XML C, Basic, PostScript, SGML, Lisp, Scheme
Human Languages: U.S. English French German, Spanish, Portuguese Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese (conversation, alphabets, & ~300 Kanji), Russian, and other languages Egyptian, Latin

Familiarity with a broad spectrum of cultures, ethnicities, and customs: business travel to 25 countries on five continents, and leisure travel to an additional 24 countries.

Organizations, Conferences, and Publications

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Work Experience Education Technical Capabilities Organizations, Conferences, and Publications Citations and Media Coverage Keywords